Gift Card – The perfect Gift or Not


A gift Card is the perfect gift! We have all read that somewhere; everywhere, actually. They are being sold all over the internet and offline, as well. Yet, is it really the perfect gift? In this article we will give the pros and cons of giving gift cards.

A gift card comes in many forms. There are pre-paid or pre-loaded credit cards like a Visa gift card or American express gift card. There are specific dollar value gift cards that can be used at a select number of stores, for instance a restaurant gift card that can be used at chain restaurants. There are cards for specific stores like Macys or a Toys R Us gift card. The choice of the type of gift card is huge and that is one area that makes giving gift cards a bit gift cards with bitcoin

Choosing who you give a gift card to should be well thought out. For example, if you give your wife a Lowes gift card and she has not specifically asked for one, you may be in hot water! Yet, if you choose to give her a Victoria’s Secret gift card, packaged in a box of yummy chocolates, you could receive a great big kiss.

Alternatively, giving co-workers a Starbucks gift card would be a very nice gesture and appreciated. Personal, deep thought usually is not required for co-worker gifts. You see, that is where gift cards can get you in trouble. Some people feel that a gift card is an “easy way out, ” and not much personal thought has not gone into the giving.

So, are gift cards a safe bet as a gift? Most of the time, yes. Yet, if the person receiving the gift card is a close friend or relative, you may wish to add something extra to it. Plus, take extra care in the choice of the type of card you give.

Give a gift card that means something to the person receiving it. If the person loves to shop at Macy’s, then a Macy’s gift card would be appropriate. Package it inside a pretty wrapped box with a personal note that says something like: “I know how much you love to shop at Macy’s, have loads of fun with this gift! “

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