Ever Wanted A Spy Camera Of your own? Here’s Some Different kinds To consider


My favorite Spy

We have all seen them on television and in the movies. The international spy is slinking behind enemy lines trying to find the top secret information. He finds the enemy stronghold and makes his way to where the plans are kept. He goes in, finds the safe, and extracts the plans. How does he get the plans back to his home base? He whips out his high tech spy camera and takes pictures of all the documents, of course! Sound like the story line of hundreds of Hollywood classics? Needless to say countless numbers of kids have grown up watching these sorts of movies and always thought that they would love to have a spy camera of their own. They have sneaked through neighbors’ yards pretending that they are that international spy. Now, with the advances in technology that have been made over the years reality has quickly caught up with fantasy. It is now quite possible to own that spy camera you have always wanted. From pen cameras to tie cameras there is almost no end to the different types of cameras that are available for purchase by the public. With cameras that can be used for true surveillance to those that are just for the hobbyist there are almost no limits to the types you can choose from. The very first thing to decide is what sort of spy camera you would like. You should also weigh your options and see what type best suits your needs as well.spy camera

Spy Camera Pens

You know that spy camera that the spy uses in the movies to take all the quick snaps of the secret plans? Guess what? They have existed for a good while. Spy pen cameras usually fall into the realm of the wireless type cameras. As such it requires a transmitter so that you can instantly send the pictures you are taking to a receiver which is usually hooked into some sort of recording device such as a DVR. It is also possible to tie the pen’s transmissions into a monitor that allows instant viewing. Many of the pen cameras that are available are able to transmit up to 180 feet and require very little light to be able to produce a quality image. One important aspect is that the one you choose should actually contain a working pen as well so that if you are stopped you can beg off that you were trying to make a quick note or some other such excuse. There are also spy pen cameras that serve as still cameras with a certain amount of built in memory. These can then be downloaded to a computer at a later time. If this is the type of spy camera that you would like to have then you should check out their capabilities. They should have a decent battery life. They should also have a high resolution if at all possible. It is better to spend a little more to ensure these features than to pay out some money and be disappointed later on.

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